Keeping Productive at Home with AC Australia & ALPHACAM

AC Australia has been working towards providing greater assistance to customers as we transition through these current conditions. We have been working with the Global ALPHACAM Team to create more options and services to assist our customers should your operational needs change.

As always, our customers are our first priority. The AC Australia team remains operational, with staff having access to more web-based tools to be able to continue to provide our support & services remotely. 

To assist you in facing these unprecedented challenges, we now offer a range of opportunities for all customers to connect remotely to your software. It is our hope that these new options provide the flexibility and connectivity you need to remain as productive as possible.

Option 1: Move your Licence to another computer

If you have a Standalone keyed licence, take the key home with you. Do not misplace this key. If you require access to download ALPHACAM 2020.1, Please Click Here

If you have a Standalone keyless licence and will be using a different PC, you will need to revoke (remove) your licence from your work PC and activate it on your home PC. Press Here for further instructions.

For Network Licences, please Contact Help Desk for futher instructions.


Option 2: Rent a Short-Term Licence

If you are unable to move your software licence, or require an additoinal licence, please contact our team to discuss what your requirements are. ALPHACAM is available as a short-term rental licence to assist in getting access for shorter period of time.

Option 3: Remote Access Solution

Some customers may choose to access their work computer via a remote access application. We recommened that this option is discussed with your IT Department or Provider, as they will direct you for what is best for your system.

Keeping up to date

Here are just a couple of handy hints to help you keep up to date with our latest information during this time:

•  Customer Care Members can access the eSupport Global Forum where you can chat & discuss your software with users & ALPHACAM staff 24/7. Contact us to receive your login details.

•  Ensure you have marked our email addresses as safe, to advoid missing emails that are in your junk folder.

•  Keep an eye out for the Planit/AC Australia joint eNewsletter due out within the next few weeks