eSupport offers access to worldwide online forums 24/7. Access user forums and communicate with other ALPHACAM users and technicians across the globe, all at your own pace.

ALPHACAM eSupport is available to our customers with an active Customer Care or SMP (Software Maintenance Plan) agreement. 


To gain access to E-Support you will need to follow these instructions

1. Head over to

2. Reset your Password using the email address the link was originally sent to: 

3. Once your password has been recovered you will receive another link to log in with a temporary password.

4. Look out for an Email from eSupport Community: Reset Password

5. Log in using the temporary password and change the password via the settings > Sign in information page as soon as you log in.  

6. Scroll down to Change Password to create a new password

Please note that E-Support will only be active for as long as you have a current ALPAHCAM Customer Care or Software Maintenance Plan (SMP). 

For any assistance, please contact our Help Desk Team: