ALPHACAM Customer Care (CC) provides complete peace of mind

Customer Care at your finger tips

Customer Care is AC Australia's commitment to the industry to provide quality customer service to ensure businesses have the support and back-up when they need it. 

We understand it's essential to maximise productivity, which is why we offer Customer Care, specifically designed with your success in mind.


Check out the full set of Customer Care benefits below:


Our Help Desk Team gives you diagnostic phone and email support with access to a range of resources to assist customers in getting a faster response.

To submit a support enquiry, please email or Click to access our Help Desk Form


Customer Service Time is used for technical support sessions, system development or training hours. Time is renewed every 12 months as part of your contract or extra time can be added when needed.


Time with an ALPHACAM Technician to investigate potential issues within the program or your system, and for the technician to take you through the resolution.


A direct PC to PC service allowing our Technical Support Team to resolve your issues remotely.

Our remote support ensures our team are close at hand to assist on any job.


eSupport offers access to worldwide online forums 24/7. Access user forums and communicate with other ALPHACAM users and technicians across the globe, all at your own pace.

For Customer Care Members, complete this form to request eSupport Login


Our Software maintenance program keeps your business using the latest technology and features as they are released through new versions and software updates.


Peace of Mind knowing your licence is protected in the event of theft, accidental damage or hardware failure.