Alphacam providing flexibility for Australian Caravan Manufacturer

Crusader Caravans are one of the leading Australian owned Caravan Manufacturers, who have been manufacturing caravans for more than 20 years in Victoria. Their manufacturing plant takes up over 3000sqm and is currently finishing between 12-14 caravans a week. With a team of over 65 staff, caravans take no more than 15 Days to be manufactured and fitted out ready for delivery to a new customer.

Crusader Caravans have recently implemented Alphacam, from Planit Cutting Edge Solutions, into their business, bringing a previously outsourced process in-house to automate more processes and give their design and production teams more flexibility.

The Crusader range of Caravans are currently being designed in another CAD program giving them specific functionality needed for caravans. Their team of designers ensure that the caravans meet the specifications of each individual customer, as well as road & transport regulations.

Nirav Patel, CAD-CAM Project Manager at Crusader Caravans, shared with us that the cabinetry and joinery elements are then exported from the CAD Program and then brought into Alphacam to be used as the CAM engine. Alphacam’s CAD Translator feature has the ability to read a wide range of CAD File Types and easily fits into the process for manufacturers such as Crusader Caravans.

This method only takes a few clicks by using Alphacam’s ‘Input CAD’ feature and converts the file into the individual parts, allowing users to easily apply the tool sets ready for nesting with the Automation Manager. The flexibility of Alphacam allows both the design and production teams to cater for small modifications to a design by a client, or apply a different material or tool, whilst not delaying production schedules as Alphacam will process the hundreds of parts efficiently within a short amount of time.

One of the key benefits of Alphacam is the ease of which users can pick up using the program. Skills from other CAD programs are easily adaptable to using Alphacam, and doesn’t take long for new users to begin to put Alphacam into action and see results. It also allows businesses like Crusader Caravans to experience the best of both their CAD program and Alphacam – using the right tool for the right job approach. It is such a major advantage for Alphacam to be able to read files from so many different CAD Programs, showing why it’s used in so many businesses and respected right across the world.

Alphacam is currently connected to both Crusader’s Multicam and SCM CNC’s. Alphacam’s ability to be utilised as a CAM engine for companies and output G-Code for either machine assists in efficient manufacturing to keep up with the demands of the company’s manufacturing schedule. Alphacam has helped automate more processes for Crusader Caravans and is part of the businesses plans in increasing the output of vans.

Nirav added, “We are always trying to push development of our caravans. We are looking towards the future, and Alphacam is helping us enhance our designs by being able to take any shape and send it to the machine.”

The Design Team at Crusader’s have been able to ramp up their Research & Development with the ability to easily take prototypes and quickly have them machined on the CNC’s and assist in creating mock-ups. Continually trying to bring the home into the van means Crusader caravans are always researching new designs and layouts. Alphacam helps improve the turn around time on development. The caravan industry is a competitive market, so being able to enhance their research & development will keep Crusader Caravans an industry leader.

Alphacam’s flexibility has allowed Crusader Caravans to embrace modern joinery techniques, which is enhancing the cabinetry within the caravans and lifting the quality and level of luxury in Australian made caravans, allowing you to take your lifestyle with you on the road


We are always trying to push development of our caravans. We are looking towards the future, and Alphacam is helping us enhance our designs by being able to take any shape and send it to the machine.” 

Nirav Patel, CAD-CAM Project Manager at Crusader Caravans


Key Features and Benefits of Alphacam for Crusader Caravans

  • With Alphacam’s CAD Translator:
    • Easily import various CAD File Formats (inc AutoCAD / SolidWorks /etc)
    • Ensures CAD files are processed exactly as drawn, offering a seamless link from Design through to CNC.
  • Multiple CNC outputs allow G-Code to a wide variety of CNCs
  • 3D Views, allow visual validation, reducing errors.
  • Report & Label Generation for shop floor documentation
  • Ability to also machine Plastic and Composite Materials
  • Ongoing Development with a global network of Alphacam Staff


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