What is ALPHACAM Machinist

ALPHACAM Machinist is a globally recognised CAD CAM Software Solution that drives efficiency and automation in manufacturing. ALPHACAM Machinist seamlessly integrates both 2D and multi-axis machining, providing an extensive list of cutting strategies which can be applied to any component.

AC Australia CAD CAM Solutions is dedicated to not only supplying software, but to delivering solutions that optimise the production of Australian Manufacturers. AC Australia is the authorised reseller of ALPAHCAM in Australia. Lead by Brand Manager, Blake McCrossen, the AC Australia team aim’s work alongside every business to ensure that manufacturing is enhanced as a result of your investment. 

Commenting on the benefits of ALPHACAM, Blake McCrossen explains that "ALPHACAM is a customisable system that can be configured to generate and produce files for all CNC machines. We customise and integrate the software to suit each individual business’s needs. This allows AC Australia to provide a customised approach to improving manufacturing processes and ensures our customers gain the most out of their software investment.”

CAD Translator functionality is at the core of ALPHACAM's CAM capability, as it can import and analyse almost any CAD file while applying tooling operations direct to these parts.  A proven connection between your CAD and CAM packages drives greater efficiency once your project hits the factory floor.

ALPHACAM's global recognition brings the ability to collaborate with our Global Partners to ensure connectivity with the latest machinery and technology. ALPHACAM can be integrated with a wide range of CNC's, from 2-axis right through to simultaneous 5-axis machine capabilities. ALPHACAM is a product of the Hexagon Production Software Group, allowing information and technology to be shared from all around the globe. Hexagon's strategy of Smarter Factories and Industry 4.0 is at the forefront of the roadmap of ALPHACAM.


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