2019 R1 | Alphacad Features Grid


Printer/Plotter Output
Insert Existing Drawing File
Input Raster Image Files
Convert Raster to Vector
Open/Save Drawing Template
User Definable ALPHACAM Text Fonts
File Inserter Project Manager Tab

CAD File Output Translators

STL, VDA, Parasolid, Rhino


Dockable Project Manager
Dynamic 3D View
Reverse View
Shading/Wireframe Mode
Zooming (All, In/Out, Window, etc)
Zoom In/Out with Scroll Wheel
Panning with Middle Mouse Button
Set Limits
Change Background Color
Savable View Perspectives
Selectable View Perspectives
New View Window
Multiple/Dockable View Windows

Display Options

Show Material Cut
Show Breaks
Single Step Mode
Draw Rapid Moves
Draw Tool Holder
Draw Material/Fixtures as Solids
Draw Surfaces in Layer Color
Draw Solid Bodies as Wireframe

CAD Geometry

Fast Geometry
Edit/List Geometry
Construction Mode
Text Creation and Editing
Digitizing (On Screen and Tablet)
Line, Rectangle
Arcs, Circles
Polygon, Ellipse
Bolt Hole Circle
Involute Curve
Equal Spaced Holes
Enclosing Rectangle
Spline Creation and Editing
Convert Spline to Lines/Arcs
Assign Image to Geometry
3D Polyline
Geometry Macro Recorder
Parametric Sketcher  ( * Creation and Editing requires a valid ALPHACAM maintenance contract ) 
Run Parametric Sketch

Surface Creation/Edition

Surface from Sections
Swept Surface from 2 Curves
Swept Surface from 3 Curves
Coons Patch from 3 Curves
Coons Patch from 4 Curves
Ruled Surface
Surface of Revolution
Fillet Between 2 Surfaces
Tri-Corner Fillet
Extruded Surface
Flat Surface
Break Intersecting Surfaces
Edit Surface Control Points
Un-Trim Surfaces
Extend Surface
Surface Finder
Extract Edge from Surfaces
Convert to STL Facets

Geometry/Tool Path Editing

ALPHACAM Clipboard (Cut, Copy Paste between diferent sessions)
Fabricate (Cut, Crop, Delete Area, Subtract, Unite, Overlapping, Intersecting, Loop, Paneling)
Break, Join
Break at Distance
Trim, Extend
Extend by Distance
Fillet, Chamfer
Offset (Element and/or Path)
Definable Cutting Start Point
Manual/Automatic Cut Ordering
Change Object Types
2D Array, Scale, Stretch, Skew
2D Move, Copy, Mirror, Rotate
2D Transform - Dynamic combined command
3D Move, Copy, Mirror, Rotate
Auto 2D/3D Mode


Set Materials
Set Work Volume
Make Local Axis Horizontal
Specify Panel
Show Panel Edges
Select Panel Edge
Set Geometry Z Levels
Create Sections
3D Part Rotation
Project 3D to 2D
Reverse Tool Side (On Surfaces)
Edit 3D Polyline
3D Project to Suface or Plane
Wrap on Surface
Wrap Around Geometry
Edit Geometry Z Point by Point

Work Planes

Browse/Select Work Planes
Slice Through Work Volume
2 Lines for X and Y Axes
Exiting Geometry
Parallel to Current Work Plane
Perpendicular to Current Work Plane
Reverse Current Plane
As Current Plane, Different Origin
By Name
Best Fit Plane Through Points
By Line Element Vector
Normal to View
Set Work Plane Origin
Work Plane Properties
Order Work Planes
Cancel Work Plane
From Solid Model Face


Distance/Angle between Points
Report Coordinates of a Point
Radius of a Arc/Circle
Snap to Same X, Y or Z as…
Snap Points
Auto Snap Points
Points to Lines/Arcs
Auto-Close Contours
Common Line Removal
Develop to Flat
Join Parts with Bridge
Link Adjacent Circles

CAD Utilities

User Layers
Set Line Type
Edit Line Type
Line Properties
Hide Parts
Show All Parts
Move Dimensions

STL Utilities

Convert STL Facets to Polylines
Delete STL Facets
Chop STL into Sections
Reverse Face Colors
Extract 3D Edges
Project Edges to Current Work Plane
Create Enclosing Rectangle


Shaded Simulation

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Turn Add-Ins On/Off
Run Macros
Open VBA Project for Running
Open VBA Project for Editing
Create New VBA Project
Open VBA Post for Editing
Integrated VBA Editor

CAD Importers

See Supported CAD Table document for more details  
Ilustrator (* requires a valid ALPHACAM maintenance contract )  
PDF (* requires a valid ALPHACAM maintenance contract )  

OPT=Extra Cost Option +=Add-In